If you’re wary of traditional medicine, or are too embarrassed to alert your doctor of your erectile dysfunction as many men are, you might be tempted to pursue “natural” supplements as a way to treat your ED. Unfortunately, these so-called natural supplements are often not as safe and natural as their manufacturers claim.

All Natural Ingredients? Maybe Not

Many of these products claim to contain natural sources of testosterone and all-natural ingredients, but there’s one big catch: there is no such thing as “natural testosterone”. The only source of testosterone replacements are created in laboratories by scientists working in hormone therapy. The only way to obtain testosterone replacements is through a prescription from a doctor.

While these products may claim to contain natural ingredients, and only list natural ingredients on their labels, many are full of illegal ingredients that are not listed.

They Are Unregulated Products

Unlike prescription drugs, natural supplement products are unregulated by the government. The makers of these products are not bound by the strict laws and regulations that the producers of prescription drugs must obey. The regulations exist to ensure anything made for ingestion by the public is safe for consumption. Through rigorous testing we can confirm if a certain drug or supplement isn’t fatal and won’t cause medical complications.

Drug Interactions

With the limited information available on these products, it is impossible to know if they will interact with any of your current medications. Drug interacts can lead to very serious complications like a medical emergency or they can cancel out the effects of your medications which can be just as dangerous. Any time you start taking a new drug or supplement it is important to verify that none of your medications interact.

While you might not feel comfortable talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction, it is the safest way to ensure you get the help you need. Erectile dysfunction can often be managed with practical and non-invasive solutions, so there’s no need to put yourself at risk.