Struggling with a low sex drive?  Here are 10 ways you can improve it:

  1. Build Your Confidence
    Anxiety and low self-esteem can be extremely detrimental to the libido. Build your self-confidence by engaging in activities and hobbies you excel at or enjoy.
  2. Exercise Before Sex
    Exercising for 10-20 minutes before sex will boost your heart rate, increase blood flow throughout the body, and loosen up your muscles and joints. It’s a great way to ‘warm up’ your body before sex.
  3. Make Sex a Priority
    Invest the time and energy into making sex and intimacy a priority in your life. Focus on observing your body’s mental and physical responses as a starting point and build from there.
  4. Strengthen the Muscles in Your Pelvic Region
    Strong pelvic muscles can ensure your endurance during sexual activity. Train these muscles with simple pelvic exercise routines.
  5. Get Into Better Shape
    If sexual activity is often laborious and physically challenging, it may be time to get into better shape. Use a combination of diet and exercise to increase your body’s stamina, flexibility and strength.
  6. Practice Drinking in Moderation
    Alcohol is a known inhibitor of erections and has also been known to lower testosterone. Stick to one glass of an alcoholic beverage on days you plan on having sex.
  7. Invest in Your Emotional Health
    If you struggle with issues like depression and anxiety, consider visiting a mental health professional to explore strategies for sustaining a healthy emotional state.
  8. Experiment With Vibrators and Intimacy Enhancing Devices
    For both men and women, it can be difficult to connect with their sexuality. Intimacy enhancing devices like vibrators offer a safe way to reconnect and explore pleasurable experiences through sexual acts.
  9. Determine if Medications Have Anything to Do With It
    Certain types of medications like antidepressants can interfere with hormone levels. Ask your doctor if any of the medications you’re currently taking can cause a reduced sex drive.
  10. Make an Appointment With a Sex Therapist
    Finally, if there’s anyone who will be able understand the complex emotions and struggles of dealing with a low sex drive, it’s a sex therapist. These professionals have the knowledge and training to help you develop strategies for increasing your sex drive.