Dr. Tajkarimi is a board-certified urologist, robotic prostate & kidney surgeon, medical device developer & female pelvic floor specialist. He has special focus in penile implant surgery, male & female sexual dysfunction, male enhancement, cosmetic vaginal surgery, laser aesthetics, body contouring and liposculpting.

End Your Erectile Dysfunction Today

Viagra or Cialis don’t work any more? You Can’t Keep a Rigid Erection Even With ED Meds?

If you suffer from severe ED, but you and your partner desire to make love like the old days, see Dr. Taj.

Men suffering from severe Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease should see a sexual medicine professional with expertise in penile prosthesis surgery. Otherwise, you are wasting your precious time and years of great sex life that won’t come back! Divine intervention typically excludes erectile dysfunction treatment.

Did you know that men with a penile implant have a 96% satisfaction with their sex life? And their partners have a whopping 98% sexual satisfaction?

With an expertly placed minimally invasive penile prosthesis, you can go from 0 to 100% in less than 4 weeks. Surgery is outpatient with a tiny incision and will be less than an hour in duration. Your sensations, pleasure, orgasm will be all intact. Your penis will feel the same, except that you can get and maintain an erection whenever you want. We are one of the fastest growing penile implant destinations in the world!

Most insurances cover all or part of penile prosthesis surgery inlcuding Medicare.

For self pay patients and international travelers considering the penile implant, we are happy to end your erectile dysfunction.
We have an exclusive offer for self pay patients that covers it all:

  • Penile prosthesis (Coloplast Titan or AMS 700 Boston Scientific) device
  • Maximum length & girth preservation techniques
  • Penile Duplex Ultrasound prior to surgery
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Surgery center fees
  • 90 day follow up
  • Top quality Vacuum Erection System for pre and post implant therapyTotal cost: USD $25,900

    What is the #1 regret men express after having a penile implant? “Why didn’t I get one 10 years ago when my ED became severe.”

    for more information about Dr. Tajkarimi’s penile implant services, visit PenileImplantDC.com


Many patients at Testosterone Clinic of Virginia travel considerable distances for our expertise in this procedure.  We are located 10 minutes from Dulles International Airport with direct flights to/from many cities worldwide.  We facilitate this process by providing the option of same-day consultation/same-day surgery. This is arranged in advance and by request at the time that you contact our office. Pre-operative blood-work testing will need to be performed in advance through a local physician or lab near your home. Drs. Tajkarimi will review your situation to determine if this is an appropriate option. If you fly, or if your drive home is more than 2 hours, we recommend that you stay in the area overnight after your surgery so that Drs. Tajkarimi and his team can evaluate you for proper healing on the day after surgery; afterwards, you may travel home.  There are many excellent and cost effective hotel options in Herndon, Dulles, and Reston Virginia.
Email us at info@novaurology.com


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