Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease


Many moons ago, erectile dysfunction was believed to be a psychological issue brought on by depression after a heart attack. However, researchers now believe we had it backwards. What if the link between heart disease

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Erection Recovery Program


Reviresco – (Latin, re- + viresco) “I become green or verdant again”; “I am renewed or revived.” Outliving Your Penis It is very possible that you will “outlive” your penis. It will always be there for you in terms of

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What’s Your Favorite Nerve?…How ‘Bout The Pudendal?


by Andrew Siegel, MD- Urologist, Author, Inventor We all have favorite colors (I’m partial to blue and green) and numbers (3 does it for me), but favorite nerves…Who has a favorite nerve? I submit that

What’s Your Favorite Nerve?…How ‘Bout The Pudendal?2017-03-26T04:10:12+00:00
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